Butterflies Don’t Ever Lie


Katie Kennedy, Design Editor

L is for the way that I Love Love. It’s happy, it’s all over the place, IT’S PINK, and gosh-darn does it make a good dramatic show, and if you know anything about me, I LOVE the drama. 

Love itself though, is somehow an arguable topic over whether it’s good or bad, and I see it the same way I see bugs, there might be a few scary bits … maybe a LOT of scary bits, but that doesn’t mean it’s all bad — just look at a butterfly, they can single handedly fight my fear of bugs, because, for some reason, they don’t scare me. 

It’s just like non-literal butterflies, the ones you get in your stomach when you start getting feelings for that special little someone. Those silly feelings are scarier than actual bugs, which is saying a lot, because I am terrified of bugs. 

Those butterflies though, are something positive. 

O is for being Open about your love for someone. Love can bring so many good things, and it can have so many positives, but some still hate it. Crushes are a good thing, and even though it doesn’t seem like it in so many situations, it is. Crushes are normal, healthy even, and I know I could say that over and over and over again, but that won’t change anyone’s perspective on love. 

I’ve heard time and time again about how bad crushes are — butterflies feeling like a sinking in your stomach, the fear of a heartbreak or being afraid that something negative in the past will happen again, or maybe, you’ve accepted that love isn’t real, and how you’ll be alone with your 20 cats for the rest of your life. 

That fear of love shouldn’t hold you back — you have to accept it when you’ve fallen in love, because, truth is, you won’t get away from it just by pushing it away. You can hate love all you want. You can try to convince yourself you can’t fall in love, try to build walls, to gaslight yourself, but when you get butterflies, it’s already over — you’re in love, so let that love in, anything can happen. “But what if I get hurt?”, well,

V is for being on the Verge of crying. Love isn’t easy, it will bring joy and sadness, the happy and the heartbreak, and I think that’s why so many think love is so unrealistic. Everyone seems to look at love through rose-colored glasses, but love is HARD, it’s not just a Disney movie where you’ll end up with the first man you ever meet.

Love has challenges — I don’t think I have to tell you that — but I think that’s the fun part. It’s like your heart beat, or a graph of a heart beat, your heartbeat needs to go up and down for your heart to function, just like your love story needs those ups and downs. There WILL be good parts and there WILL be bad parts, but if it was always good, it would just be a flatline — dead, boring, lame, and not worth your time. If love was always sunshine and rainbows, it would get repetitive. Love wouldn’t mean anything.

E is for not Everyone will love you back. I feel like that’s obvious, but it is something I’ve seen a lot. Let’s say you’ve gotten your crush, you’ve figured it out, you know you like this person, but they don’t seem to love you back, and that sucks — it does. From there, you can do two things, try and pursue them and see if they will fall in love with you, or accept they don’t like you like that. You can try to make them love you, and it might work out for you, but it also might not. That’s when you have to acknowledge they dont love you. It sucks, but don’t keep chasing someone who won’t give you the love you deserve, and don’t become delusional either. 

I’ve witnessed people create entire imaginary relationships with others in their heads, convincing themselves that this other person is head over heels for them, when that person wants nothing romantic with them. I’ve seen it, where you’d buy the world for them if it meant they loved you, but you can’t force someone to love you, and that’s just how it is. It’ll hurt, but that hurt will go away soon enough. You’ll find someone who appreciates you for you someday. it may not be now, but there will always be someone who loves you for you, because you are gorg. I love love, 

And LOVE was made for me and you. You might roll your eyes at that, but trust me, love was made for everyone. Love is an amazing feeling, when you really love someone, it’s like nothing can get you and your special someone down. Love is waiting for you — you just have to let it in, it might take a second, it might take two seconds even, but whether you believe in love or not, it was made for me and you. 

Yes, love was made for me and you.