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“If you have your group, hold them tightly and don’t let go.”


In April of my first year on staff, I learned what senior columns were. I was so excited hearing about how much fun they had on staff and even in high school. While I was looking forward to being in this exact moment in time, reflecting on my time in high school, writing my own senior column and eager to graduate, I wasn’t ready to be speechless. I didn’t know I would have so much to say, yet only a page to say it. But I’m going to try.

After the isolated freshman year with everyone six feet apart from each other, I didn’t have much hope for the rest of my time in high school. I felt lost with my place in the world and like I had no group I belonged to. I wanted to finally have a normal experience — the high school teenager experience. 

Then I took 21st Century Journalism, and despite my class being eerily quiet and no one ever making a sound, I was eager to learn more about the world of journalism, and since I was scared I wasn’t going to have a good high school experience, I realized I needed to get involved.

And I wasn’t ready for what high school was going to bring me, but sophomore ye

ar led me to room 518 and the beautiful friendships with the people in it. Over my three years on staff, I’ve been able to work with incredibly talented staff members and work under and alongside the best editors, just to experience what are some of my favorite memories at Blue Valley. 

And this is a lot coming from me, the girl who Huss thought HATED journalism because she never spoke her first year. 

From Editors’ Hour rants that we force Huss to listen to and the uncontrollable laughter when Ava says something completely uncalled for, to making fun of Isaac’s design inspo (I promise we love it) and arguing with Harris over whether or not Harry Styles will get canceled in the future. Or the moments at almost every football, basketball or baseball game imaginable and taking pictures, laughing and smiling endlessly with the girls on the sidelines — and laughing even more when we almost — and actually did — get hit or tackled. I’ve enjoyed every moment in Room 518 and more importantly, I found my group of people. 

If you take anything from what I’ve said, it’s that everything happens for a reason. Find your group of people — the group that laughs with you, cries with you and supports you in every major moment of high school, because you’ll always want those friends by your side. Whether you haven’t found your group in high school — you’ll find them eventually — or if you are just about to graduate without a group by your side, high school isn’t the end and you’ll come across thousands of people in your lifetime. 

But if you have your group, hold them tightly and don’t let go. Laugh with them, smile with them, cry with them and most importantly, love them unconditionally. You need people around you — it’s just part of being human.

And while I know not everyone will have the same experience as me, know that you need to step out of your comfort zone and just live. Form memories and meet new people. 

That’s what I did. 

Because of it, I have the most amazing memories from the past three years on The Tiger Print. So thank you to my co-editors, the staff writers and especially Huss — I’m sorry for seeming like I hated your class when I actually loved it. 

If it wasn’t for all of you I don’t know where I’d be. I wouldn’t have stepped out of my quiet, isolated box and wouldn’t have stumbled upon a place that was waiting for me. In this place, the one that I wasn’t looking for, I found my second family, my second home — my people. All in Room 518.

About the Contributor
Rhylan Stern
Rhylan Stern, Editor-in-Chief
Rhylan Stern is a senior and it is her third year on staff. While being one of the editors-in-chief, she is a member of Tiger’s Inc. Strategic Marketing team, SAFE club, Quill & Scroll, Headrush, NHS, and DECA & BPA. Outside of school, she works at Aerie, listens to music constantly and rewatches her favorite shows on Prime and Netflix.