Live Like Champions

Meredith Halliburton, Photographer

“Coach impacted my life in a lot of ways. Most importantly, though, he was a mentor to me. After getting cut from the baseball team sophomore year, he took me under his wing and brought me onto the track team. There wasn’t a day that went by that he didn’t push me to be my best and was constantly rooting for me.”

— Dominic Legato, 12. Photo by Alex Roberts.


“To me, Coach Driskell was not just a coach. A lot of coaches are present in [their] players’ lives only on the field, but that wasn’t who Coach D was. He was a man that genuinely cared about who you were as a person and where you stood in life. I was in his morning weights class first semester during the season, and it almost seemed like weekly he would be pouring some sort of wisdom into my life. Whether it was how to relate with students, how to lead a team or what it means to be a family man, he was a constant source of wisdom.”

— Zack Willis, 12. Photo by Linda Olson.

“I coach to assist athletes in becoming more than they thought they could be physically, mentally, and emotionally while instilling in them the synergy of Family and Team so they can live life as Men of Honor.”— Eric Driskell’s coaching mission statement. Photo by Molly Franko.

“He was just a role model to anyone who had the joy of knowing him. He was a guy you could come to under any circumstance just to talk to and be there for you. Way more than a coach.” — Harry Van Dyne, 12. Photo by Alex Roberts.

“To say Coach Driskell touched many lives, was an inspiration and will be missed feels so grossly inadequate. He was all heart, all soul. Love. Compassion. Family. BV. We will try our best to teach others in the way he taught us.”— Spanish teacher Kathryn Sanflé. Photo by Kathryn Sanflé.

“He was a light that constantly touched people’s lives. He was the kind of man who was always smiling and his happiness radiated everywhere he went. I will never forget the impact he had on me and so many others.” — Kelsey Kinkade, 12. Photo by Kelsey Kinkade.