After Prom 2017


1. Sliding, junior Lindsay Barash goes head first down the end of the obstacle course. Students received fake money for participating in games and activities. “I liked racing my friends on the course and how we got paid for being active,” Barash said.

2. Junior Jenna Merry gets knocked over by the spinning foam arm on the inflatable. After Prom took place at BV from midnight to 3 a.m. “[All I could do was] hope for the best,” Merry said. “None of us knew what we were doing.”

3. Eating pizza, senior Austin McCarty plays a round of cards. The poker tables allowed students to earn the most cash. “[My favorite card game was] blackjack because it was simple and everybody knew how to play,” McCarty said.

4.  Sitting in a chair, junior Tristan Rios gets a flower painted on her face at the face paint station. Students picked from a book of designs for their face painting. “I like having paint on my face. I got two face paints this year actually because I liked my first one and wanted to get another one,” she said.

5. Senior Jackson Lamm surveys the prizes. Students turned in the fake money they earned throughout the night to enter raffles. “The school did an excellent job on picking the prizes,” Lamm said. “I won a $50 QuikTrip giftcard. I’ve been able to get a good breakfast from QT every day.”

6. With her friends, junior Lydia Budz sits in a costume posing for the camera. The photobooth had props for students to use while taking their photos. “My favorite part about the photobooth was being goofy and having fun with my friends,” Budz said. Photos by Olivia Gurley.