Art Classes


Kaitlin Yu, Co-editor in chief

Junior Carson Vitali looks over his work with art teacher Mark Mosier. “I come in every day during Tiger Paws to work on my design with Mr. Mosier,” Vitali said. “I’m constantly pushed to do better because of Mr. Mosier’s support.”
Scrolling through Pinterest, sophomore Peter Trebel seeks inspiration for his upcoming bag design project. “I’m actually done with all my in-class projects and am just looking for something new to do,” Trebel said. “Mr. Mosier actually has assigned this project in this past, but he hasn’t in the past few years because of time.”
Relaxing as she shades in the rest of her drawing, junior Hannah Tulle sharpens her skills. “Drawing has always been extremely soothing for me, but over the past few months with Ms. Francis, I have actually gotten better at it,” Tulle said. “We started these projects about a week ago, and they’ve really helped me improve my shading.”
Getting down on her knees, art teacher Kim Francis instructs sophomore Jennifer Green how to use more contrast in her observational drawing. “I’ve really developed a bond with my students, and they feel comfortable with me coming over and critiquing their work,” Francis said. “Sometimes, students will come in during Tiger Paws or after school to get more help.”
Reaching up to stabilize his artwork with clips, freshman Joe Birmingham begins his observational drawing. “Although illustration is not something I am familiar with, I like the process,” Birmingham said. “Sometimes, I get frustrated and complain to Ms. Francis, though.”
After helping junior Anna Nikole create a new reference shot for her drawing, art teacher Kim Francis advises Nikole on how to get the illustration started. “The worst part of art class is the lack of time I have to be there,” Nikole said. “I wish I could just sit down and draw for six hours straight, but I take pictures so I can work on my artwork at home.”
As a part of her second art class at Blue Valley, sophomore Marie Patel practices processing film in Photography I. “I really like the process of film photography,” Patel said. “I’m scheduled to take Photography II next year, and I’m really excited for it.”
Engaged in the process of film photography, senior Lindsay Crator wipes her photo down with chemicals. “Although I’m super excited to get out of high school, I’m definitely going to miss sitting down with [art teacher Mark] Mosier,” she said. “I often show him my artwork, and he is very supportive of my creative vision.”