Twin takedown: Brothers look to improve from varsity freshman season

 When it comes to making a varsity team, it can be a pretty daunting task. 

Sophomores Logan and Lukas Bjorgo, identical twins, accomplished this mission last year, their first at BV among a very talented pool of athletes. 

The brothers’ mother, Cynthia Bjorgo, was proud but not too surprised after her sons made varsity their freshman year.

“Obviously, I was very proud,” Cynthia said. “I knew if they wanted a spot, they had to be challenged. When they would get challenged I was nervous. I was anxious. I wasn’t surprised that they won because they brought experience to the table.”

Whenever the pair wrestled each other in tournaments previous years, bragging rights were the main thing they were wrestling for.

“It’s just like a match at home, it’s not very serious,” Lukas said.”Usually the matches are really loud, but whenever it was just me and Logan, it got really quiet because the coaches couldn’t coach either of us.”

Logan agreed with how they handle facing each other on the mat after wrestling together for nine years.

“Like he said, it’s not very serious,” Logan said. “But you don’t want the other person bragging.” 

The Bjorgos wrestled in different weight classes their freshman year, with Lukas wrestling a weight class above Logan.

Both the Bjorgos made it to Regionals last year and finished with records around .500. 

The top four placing wrestlers in each weight class went to state.

For Logan, it was a great achievement to be a state qualifier after placing third, winning enough matches to travel to Topeka for state during his first year as a high school wrestler at BV. 

“It’s a lot of pressure to keep it up next year, but just having the experience of state, it’s just good to have,” Logan said.

Alongside watching his brother capture the moment was Lukas, who anxiously waited for his match .

“Seeing his match before mine, it motivated me to go win my match, so he couldn’t rub it in my face, but it didn’t happen,” Lukas said.

Lukas came up short losing in overtime by a takedown — just one point.

“Well going into it I knew the other wrestler was really good,” sophomore teammate Kellen Rios said. “Lukas kept up with him pretty well.  I think he probably should’ve won that match.”  

Logan and teammates watched his brother’s hard fought match.  

“It just made me motivated for my next match to win,” Logan said. “It’s just hard seeing someone on your team lose.”

Lukas had a difficult time coping with the hard-fought loss.

“It’s undescribable, like you wanted it so bad, but you couldn’t do anything about it. I just had to look ahead to the future and try and get better,” Lukas said.

Both Bjorgos have spent time getting ready for this season. 

Logan said he has worked to improve on takedowns and good head position. 

Lukas mentioned takedowns as one of his areas to improve as well. 

“I wasn’t very good at takedowns,” he said. “That’s why I lost my regional match. I’ve gotten better at it.”

They both have their goals as well for this season including making it to state and winning there. 

“Just to work hard, learn from my mistakes, and get better,” Lukas said.

Cynthia believes the twins have quite the journey ahead of them. 

“I think now in high school, on varsity, it’s the best of the best, they’re going to see the best,” Cynthia said. “The competition on varsity is pretty fierce.”   

by Matthew Gruber