Tiger Volleyball falls to Lansing, beats Turner

The volleyball team went one and one at Turner High School last night, falling 2-1 to Lansing and winning 2-0 against Turner.
The Tigers entered coming off a Tuesday night loss to Aquinas.
“We’ve been working hard on our middle offense,” coach Jessica Palmer said. “It’s early in the season. That game doesn’t matter.”
Palmer was excited to play Lansing in the first game.
“They’re number 3 in 5A and that’s where we’re going,” she said. “We got three lefties so our plan was to shut down the angle.”
Ghosts of the Aquinas match showed in the first game, as solid Lansing defending and Tiger mistakes led to a 25-17 victory for Lansing.
The Tigers responded by keeping the second game even through 25 points, until they pulled two late points to win 27-25 and force a third game.
Lansing then showed superior passing to win the game 25-18.
“I thought we had them,” assistant coach Dave Johnson said. “ Ball control fell apart, so our offensive scheme fell apart. We can’t run our middle and that opens everyone up.”
Senior Taylor Popp led with 36 assists and freshman Chloe Rogers led with 9 kills.
After a 9 minute break to get over the Lansing loss, the Tigers took the court against Turner and quickly dispatched them in two games, 25-15, 25-8.