Fantasy football: update 1

Stephen Karst, staff writer

Chiefs’ fans, I have a confession.
In the deepest, darkest part of my heart, I was hoping that the Oakland Raiders kicker, Sebastian Janikoski would make that 35-yard field goal to send the game into overtime two weeks ago.
However, I hate the Raiders.
Where does this inner turmoil come from?
Fantasy football.
For those of you not in the growing, cultish, following of National Football League (NFL) players, here is your warning: prepare to be addicted. Here is the best explanation I can possibly give as to my inner betrayal of the Chiefs.
Fantasy football starts innocently. A group of friends or acquaintances wanting a little friendly competition.
Draft day comes around and you eagerly snag your favorite players for your team. After about 3 hours the teams are set, the schedule is determined, and the smack talk begins.
In my league most team owners chose names such as IAMTHEBEST or You Suck.
Although I knew these players would never know me, they feel so close like we are an actual team.
As the season progresses your loyalty to your players grows, as does the spirit of competition in the league.
By the end of week 2, the goal is to win at all costs. For me that means hours analyzing stats, team matchups, and injury reports. Then there’s that one-week where your loyalties are tested: real life versus fantasy.
For me it was two weeks ago. Chiefs versus Raiders, my fantasy team is down by a few points, I have the Raiders kicker reaming and my opponent is out of players.
A few field goals decides who wins both games. What do I do? A win for my fantasy means a loss for my favorite team.
Sadly, I have learned there is no happy middle, most of the time. The entire season I am doomed to hover on either side of fantasy and reality.
So you want to play fantasy football? You have been warned.