BV district lacrosse team defeats Notre Dame de Sion for high school girls lacrosse state championship

Jordan McEntee, Design Editor

The Blue Valley District lacrosse team, the Titans, won the high school girls state championship game on Saturday, defeating Notre Dame de Sion 17-11.
“We’ve been working really hard during the season and the off season,” Titan lacrosse player junior Megan Kuharich said. “We finally accomplished out goal of winning State. It’s good to know that all our hard work paid off.”
Kuharich said the team’s hard work and dedication made this season a success.
“We went undefeated, so we couldn’t have asked for anything better,” she said. “At times during the season it was kind of boring because we were playing teams that weren’t really at our skill level. But it was great to get out there and play.”
Kuharich said she loves having a district-wide lacrosse team because the girls have grown so close in their support of the KC lacrosse community.
“They’re all my best friends,” she said. “We’re all obsessed with lacrosse because it’s a huge time commitment to make it a bigger sport in our area. In the LAX community, everyone knows everyone.”
Kuharich said she hopes to play lacrosse at the college level in the future.
“I have an offer at a D3 school — Adrian College,” she said. “But my dream colleges would be playing at Villanova, USC, or Washington and Lee with [Blue Valley West junior] Maddie Vasta.”
She said the Titans lacrosse team has provided a positive atmosphere for the players to improve.
“Our coaches are really positive, and all the girls can just talk about school or recruiting because we’re all going through the same things. We just get eachother.”