BV suffers first loss of season against Pittsburg Dragons

Hailey McEntee, Co-Editor

The Tiny Tigerettes released their pink balloons into the air and the game was underway. The crowd was full of fans wearing their pink-out attire.
The game began with a quick touchdown by the Purple Dragons three minutes into the game.
One minute later, Pittsburg scored another touchdown, advancing their lead to 14-0.
The Tigers got something going when senior Kyle Zimmerman threw a 50-yard pass, leading to a touchdown scored a few plays later, one minute into the second quarter.
Halfway into the second quarter the Purple Dragons scored another touchdown.
Later, the Dragons kicked a field goal about five minutes into the third quarter.
With only 12 seconds left in the third quarter, senior Austin Katsorelos scored another touchdown for the Tigers, making the score 24-14.
Halfway into the fourth quarter, the Purple Dragons scored once again, bringing the score to 30-14.
Right after Pittsburg kicked off after the touchdown, junior Ryan McNerlin ran the ball all the way back for a Tiger touchdown.
With only 3:46 left in the game, the Purple Dragons scored a touchdown to bring the score to 37-21.
Zimmerman threw a 35-yard pass with 3:32 left in the game. Soon after, he threw another pass to junior Andrew Reinkemeyer for a touchdown.
Following this touchdown, the Tigers attempted an onside kick, but Pittsburg ran it back for another touchdown for the Dragons.
With one last attempt, the Tigers scored a touchdown with 1:15 left in the game.
The final score was 45-35, leaving BV with their first loss of the season. The Tigers are now 7-1 on the season.
The Tigers will take on the Trailblazers of Gardner-Edgerton High School at BV on Oct. 28.