Thrower breaks school record in javelin

Jansen Hess, Sports Editor

She takes off running, javelin in hand. Raising the javelin, she starts her cross-overs. She uses her left foot to push off, and the javelin soars into the air.
Senior Maddie Osmundson has competed in three throwing events since her freshman year.
At the BV Relays on Saturday, April 7, Osmundson broke the school record of 130 feet, 2 inches with her distance of 131 feet, 11 inches.
She started track in seventh grade and transitioned into a thrower once she started high school track. Javelin is her favorite event.
“I think it’s an easier technique to master,” she said. “It’s more fun — you get to run and throw instead of just spin and throw. Much more exciting.”
To improve, Osmundson practices with the other throwers between seven and eight hours a week.
“There’s a lot of repetition,” she said. “We get in a lot of reps and then break down the throws so we can correct things easier.”
She chose javelin because it is an individual sport.
“You’re the only person who can improve your score,” she said. “No one is stopping you.”
As a whole, Osmundson said the throwers are very talented this year.
“I can’t really speak for the runners since I only throw, but we’ve got a lot of strong members this year,” she said. “And I don’t think anyone knows, but we’ve been working throughout the fall and summer, too.”
Her best friends, seniors Cara Pace and Alyssa Buzzelli, help her relax before throwing by making her laugh and getting her mind off the competition.
“Other than just warming up, I make sure I’m in the right mindset,” she said. “My two best friends throw with me and are always there to ease my nerves.”
After she graduates, Osmundson will continue her track career at Johnson County Community College, where she received full tuition and books.
Osmundson said she is looking forward to throwing in college.
“I had the opportunity to meet with some of the coaches and other throwers already,” she said. “I’m really excited to meet all of these new people.”