BV super-fans support athletic teams, bring school spirit to student section

Hailey McEntee, Co-Editor

Whether the team is winning or losing, there is a group in the student section who is still enthusiastic. They yell, “Go BV, go BV, go,” or “We feel good, oh we feel so good, OH.” Some of them wear sombreros and chant, “Ole, ole-ole-ole.”
This year, these “super-fans” have been attending volleyball, football and some soccer games. Super-fan senior Kate Schaper said super fans have a few specific qualities.
“You have to be loud,” she said. “You have to cheer. You have to come to every game, if you can. And you have to be enthusiastic.”
Super-fan senior Ali Jones said she enjoys getting the crowd fired up.
“I just really love the spirit,” Jones said. “It really makes the whole crowd excited — even the parents.”
Super-fan senior Hannah O’Neil said the super-fans even go on long distance travels to go to the games — anything to support the teams.
“We have to go to as many games as we can and cheer as loud as we can,” O’Neil said. “It doesn’t matter if you lose your voice. And whether you are losing or winning, you just have to keep cheering.”
Jones said she thinks cheering at games helps the teams.
“We have gotten a lot of positive feedback,” she said. “We have heard that [the players] feed off of our energy.”
Schaper said she enjoys the bonding experience with other super-fans.
“I like how it brings all of us together and we have fun doing it as a group. We may not all hang out all the time, but the games bring us together.”
Schaper said the super-fans go to all the games to be supportive of their classmates — especially the seniors.
“We made shirts with the seniors’ names on them so the seniors could really stand out,” she said.
Schaper said other students are encouraged to go to games and help cheer on the teams.
“Anyone can be a super-fan,” she said.