Pancake breakfast raises funds for volleyball

Raine Andrews, Photo Editor

The BV volleyball team hosted a Pancake Breakfast to fundraise for new equipment for the next season. The breakfast was held at Applebee’s on Nov. 3rd.
Player junior Lauren Larson said since TigerFest will no longer be used as a general fundraiser, Coach Johnson and the volleyball parents decided to host the breakfast to stray away from the norm.
“We have sold cookie dough, but we didn’t want to go back to that since it’s a popular thing to sell,” said Larson.
The idea for the breakfast was introduced by parent Betsy Kuharich.
“I had done this for my older daughter’s lacrosse team for four years,” Kuharich said . “We hope to do this again next year.”
Senior Jarin Braithwait said the fundraiser was unlike the others because the players were able to contribute more.
“It’s different, but it is good,” she said. “Now the players are able to get involved, instead of their parents going to tigerfest.”
Although the players didn’t make the pancakes, they served the breakfast, wrapped the silverware, and washed the dishes.
“The breakfast was a great turnout,” said Kuharich. “The team ended up selling more than 500 tickets and we ran out of pancakes at 9:40.”
Coach Dave Johnson said the girls worked hard and that the money will being going towards new balls, jerseys, warm of jerseys, and possibly a new net.