Picking Between Passions: Student receives national ranking in multiple sports; choosing between both in high school proves difficult

Cassie Nichols, Staff Writer

3:30-5 p.m. — Team dinner.
5:30-7:30 p.m. — Away volleyball game.
8-10 p.m. — Homework.
And tennis?
Like many other high school students, freshman Lauren Stubbs plays two sports and while managing her schoolwork. But, she has also achieved something many high school athletes have not.
Not only does she play volleyball and tennis, but she is also nationally ranked in both. Stubbs started tennis when she was four years old and volleyball when she was in the fourth grade. Her volleyball team, KC Power, received second place while competing in nationals, and she has made it to the Sweet 16 Tournament for doubles in tennis.
“Last year, my volleyball team finished 15th in the nation, and I am currently ranked 383rd nationally for tennis,” Stubbs said.
During the club volleyball season — November through July — Stubbs practices three days a week. However, now that she is playing for the BV varsity volleyball team, she has scheduled mandatory practices every day. When Stubbs transitioned to high school at BV, she was greeted with a decision. She had to choose between two fall sports she had grown up playing.
“I wish volleyball and tennis were different seasons so I could do both,” she said.
While making the decision, Stubbs said her coaches, parents and friends did not influence her one way or another — they just wanted her to play whatever sport she desired.
“It was really hard to choose, but I chose volleyball because with volleyball I can still find time to play [tennis outside of school],” Stubbs said.
She said varsity volleyball is a large time commitment, especially as a freshman, so lately Stubbs has not been playing tennis as much as she used to. She still enjoys competing in matches whenever she can find the time.
Stubbs said the upperclassmen on the volleyball team are doing an excellent job of making the new team members feel welcome.
“They have all been really nice to us freshmen and haven’t treated us any differently,” she said. “It’s nice to be a part of a team that supports your decisions.”