Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend: Upperclassmen girls form club to support varsity baseball team, name themselves “Diamond Dolls”


Danielle Williams, Entertainment Editor

Attending countless games.
Cheering ferociously in the stands.
Painting colorful signs.
Hanging up locker decorations.
Baking cupcakes and cookies for the players to enjoy before games.
The Diamond Dolls is a club that started at Blue Valley last year when Coach Tony Scardino first came to BV and wanted a support system for the baseball players.
“Mr. Scardino came from a school that had a program similar to this, and he really liked the idea of it,” senior Aubrey Myer said.
Scardino went to senior Savannah Spicer, who was then a junior, to help him get this club started.
“He approached me in class about making a club for girls who wanted to support the baseball team,” Spicer said. “Girls had asked him if they could be mangers, and, because of issues with the managers at his old school, he didn’t really want girls hanging around the boys during practices and games. So this was a solution to that and also a way to get more support at baseball games.”
Spicer said she was nervous at first to take on such a big responsibility because of her already-busy schedule.
“I’m always really busy in the spring and during baseball season,” Spicer said. “It was also kind of scary starting a club for juniors and seniors as a junior. I wasn’t sure if the seniors would be on board or if they would take me seriously.”
Spicer said last year’s seniors were willing to listen to her and luckily helped out with most of the activities being a Diamond Doll includes.
“Most of them just got the shirts and showed up to the games, which was great,” Spicer said. “Not many of them helped make signs or goodie bags, which I can understand being a senior now.”
Myer said the girls try to encourage the boys and support them through their demanding season.
Myer said the club’s responsibilities include more than just attending games.
“The whole point of the club is to increase the amount of fans at the games,” Myer said.  “We also ask them to bake treats or help make goodie bags for the boys on game days and make signs for the locker hallway.”
The club has nearly doubled in size from last year to this year — however, Spicer said the club hasn’t spent as much time or effort as they had in the past.
“There are a lot more girls involved this year, which is awesome,” she said. “We have a little over 50 girls, and last year we had about 25. This year we haven’t been doing as much as we did last year for the guys, which is my fault.”
Spicer said in the future she will advise the juniors to organize the sign and goodie bag making instead of the seniors.
“It’s crazy how hard it is to find time during senior year to make locker decorations for the whole baseball team or buy tons of food to make goodie bags,” she said.
Spicer said her purpose behind the Diamond Dolls is to increase attendance at events because she thinks it is very important for BV students to support one another.
“Attending games and caring for each sport, activity and club are important to our community as a school,” Spicer said. “Also, everyone likes to have people cheering them on in the stands, so our biggest purpose is to get people to the baseball field.”
Myer said she encourages girls who are interested in baseball or just want to support the school to join the Diamond Dolls.
“Overall, I think it’s just a fun club to be a part of, and, if you really like baseball, it is a great way to support the team and get to watch an awesome sport,” Myer said. “Our team is also pretty good, and we get super cute shirts, which doesn’t hurt.”