Pushing the Limit: Athletes put in extra hours for personal, team success

Charlotte Rooney, Opinion Editor

Student athletes spend hours every day practicing and getting stronger so they can hit harder, run faster and play better. These competitors win games and meets for Blue Valley, but how much work do they put in so they can be the best? Seniors Ryan Edmonds, Alexis Nouhan, Joe Gorthy and junior Demond Glynn weigh in.


Ryan Edmonds – Soccer

Senior Ryan Edmonds has played on the soccer team for three years. Since his sophomore year, he said the program has changed.

“I just want to be an example for the younger players,” he said. “Whether we do well as a team or not, I want the [rest of the team] to be able to lead next year, so we want to set them right.”

Edmonds participates in club soccer during the spring and also goes to a personal trainer in the off-season.

“Any of the players that are really involved [should] go to a personal trainer or have sets of workouts that they go to,” Edmonds said.

The BV varsity soccer team’s record is 7-7-2 as of Oct. 26.

“Every time we win a game, it feels great because it shows that we know what we’re doing,” Edmonds said. “The team comes together, and we feel like we’re doing something right. It’s just motivation, really.”

Playoffs start: Thursday, Oct. 30.


Alexis Nouhan – Volleyball

Senior Alexis Nouhan plays on the varsity volleyball team. In previous years, she played on club teams as well as other high school teams.

Nouhan said before games, the volleyball players have team dinners, which usually include carbs, but she said she eats healthy food regularly anyway.

“I try to stay away from fast food,” Nouhan said. “I eat a lot of fruit, sandwiches and vegetables, but every once in a while, the team will go to QuikTrip together and get something.”

This is Nouhan’s first year at BV.

As of Oct. 22, BV varsity volleyball’s record is 24-10, and Nouhan said every time the team wins a game, they become closer.

“I think [playing] feels different this year because it’s my senior year,” she said. “I’m cherishing more of the wins. The closer we get to State, the more fun it is to play with everyone.”

If volleyball qualifies at Sub-State, the State game is Oct. 31 and Nov. 1.


Joe Gorthy – Cross Country

Senior Joe Gorthy runs most days on his own before school in addition to regular after-school team practices.

Gorthy said he’s become accustomed to the workouts and the amount of training he has to do.

“Twice a week, we have tempo runs, which are harder,” Gorthy said. “Other days, we do intervals, which are mainly for speed, and between those days, we do easy runs.”

The cross country team typically has team pasta dinners before meets and is encouraged to stay hydrated.

“On my own, I like to eat really healthy — a lot of fruits and vegetables and have a lot of carbs to keep my energy up,” he said.

Gorthy has placed first in the first three meets of the season, and at Rim Rock Farms, the largest meet in the Midwest, he placed eighth.

“[Winning] makes me feel really good because all the hard work I put in during the summer and so far this season is paying off,” Gorthy said. “What I really like is when our team does well because I know we’re all working really hard together.”

State meet: today, Oct. 31.


Demond Glynn – Football

Junior Demond Glynn has played football since he was in eighth grade. He, along with the other football players, attends after-school practice.

Glynn said he also trains outside of school practices.

“On my own, I’ll go lift weights if I can,” Glynn said. “I don’t really worry about working out by myself until the off-season so I can stay in shape.”

BV varsity football was 7-1 as of Oct. 26, and Glynn said winning games gets the team motivated to play better.

Glynn is on the JV team but sometimes plays up during varsity games.

“I got to play during the Southwest game, and it was really fun,” Glynn said. “It gets me really excited to play next year, and I know the team is playing really well.”

The next game is tonight, Oct. 31 against Blue Valley Northwest.