BV Football

Macie Lawrence, Staff Writer

“Blue Valley High School is known for its incredible football program,” freshman football player Brock Lawrence said. “The [2013 5A] state champions show no signs of letting up this season.”

The Tigers’ shut out Blue Valley North last Friday, Blue Valley needs to be prepared for the game against St. Thomas Aquinas this Friday.

“I think both teams and our whole football program are very successful so far,” Lawrence said.“I am excited to what we can do this year.”

The Tigers have a “work hard” mentality, Lawrence said. The team is out on the field or in the weight room after school from 3:15 to 6:15 p.m.

“With more than 15 hours of work a week in between the weight room and the field, the work has paid off, according to  the Tigers combined 12-4 record” said Lawrence.

This Friday the Tigers their 6th game of the season.

“You see the football players walking down alongside each other in their jerseys and stuff,” freshman Kate Meinzenbach said. “Everyone seems to be a lot more excited on game days, especially on varsity game days.”

Though the Tigers have suffered a lot of injuries. Jack Behrndt, the freshman quarterback, tore his ACL. The team had a couple concussions, as well.

“The Tigers are very fortunate to have such great and determined coaches,” Lawrence said. “I love being a part of the football program. It’s fun to go to the games and even more fun to play in the games. I just can’t wait to continue with my progress and be a part of something in the next few years.”