Blue Valley Football

Bailey Cook, Fall 2014 J1 student

Blue Valley varsity football has won six state championships, which freshmen Nikki Fritz and Robin Antonic said makes the games very popular to attend.

With more people at these games than other BV sporting games, Fritz said there are some things the school could change due to the crowd.

“[Getting through the line] probably takes 20-30 minutes,” Fritz said. “They could make two lines to make it go quicker.”

Many freshmen students agreed a variety of concessions makes the game more enjoyable because watching the game while eating food is even more fun.

“A funnel cake would be nice to add to the concessions or maybe some apple cider,” Fritz said.

Fritz and Antonic said the purpose of having security guards at the games  was to control the crowd, but they agreed the security is too strict at times.

“When people walk around too much [they get in trouble by security guards], and that’s too strict of them,” Antonic said.

Antonic and Fritz both agree that games are fun, but BV could add activities, concessions, etc. to make the game more fun

“They could throw free things to the crowd more, like the cheap football shirts, or they can give out awards for entering drawings at halftime[to improve games.] I would go to more games if they did this, because it would be more fun.Fritz said.