BV Boys Soccer

Nicki Ogden, Fall 2014 J1 student

Nicki Ogden

Staff Writer

Freshman JV soccer player from Blue Valley, Logan Slead said he was really looking forward to this upcoming soccer season.

“I’m most excited to be on this team and play and win as many games as we can,” Slead said. “I am looking forward to getting better as a player and working hard as a team to win.”

As the soccer season progresses, everyone is looking for improvement.

“A lot of training and hard work goes into this; we have practice every day for about an hour and a half. They are pretty fun so I don’t mind staying every day.” Slead said.

Freshman JV player, Jack Berg said he liked the soccer program at BV and knew he would get better through the program.

Berg said, “Blue Valley is coached well and is taken pretty seriously. It is fun at times, but it also is something you have to put a lot of work into to become better.”

JV soccer player freshman Kyle Ruder said tryouts included a lot of running.

“We had to run to Blue Valley West and back, along with multiple miles,” Ruder said.

Slead said he got nervous before games and said winning the game is one of the greatest feelings ever.

“Everyone is pretty nervous before the game. Once I get in the game the nerves go away though,” Slead said. “It’s a good feeling to win because we know that the school will announce it.”

Ruder said he was not lookinforward to losing games this season and hoped to keep the losses at a minimum.

“When we lose a game it’s disappointing because usually we’ve played bad and we know we could’ve won,” Ruder said.

Slead said Blue Valley High has a good soccer program, along with good players and coaches.

“I like my coach, John Dale, because he’s a really good coach and one of the best coaches I’ve ever had,” Slead said.

“BV will continue the soccer program for years to come in hope that it will continue to be successful and keep improving every year,” Berg said.