Blue Valley Cross Country

Since the beginning of September, cross country has begun once again. The Blue Valley team this year has more than 100 members.

Freshman Megan Hatfield said she joined the team because her dad forced her, but she also said she doesn’t regret joining the team.

Freshman Anna Katherine Massey agreed with Hatfield and does not regret joining the team either.

“It’s a great way to make friends,” Massey said. “The meets are a great way to meet new people too.”

Cross country has a meet almost every week, where they compete against other cross country teams.

Hatfield said she has a lot of fun at the meets and likes them.

“You feel really great because everyone congratulates you, and you have a good time with your friends.” Hatfield said. “The team is like a big family.”

Hatfield said cross country is a great way to be involved and active.

“Blue Valley has [cross country] as a sport because it teaches kids to never give up,” Hatfield said. “It’s good for your heart and health.”

Cross country has practice every week day for about two to three hours.

“Cross country is running. BV has it as a sport for people who have nothing else to do and want to get in shape. It seems like cross country is a therapy sport,” Massey said.

Studies show two out of every four people enjoy running.

“After a run, I feel really great and feel like I did something really good for my body,” Massey said. “I feel healthy. Sometimes it’s debatable [if I will join cross country next year],but probably.”

Hatfield agreed with Massey and said she hopes to be on the team next year.

“I hope the cross country team makes it to State this year, just like last year,” Hatfield said.