Boys Soccer

“We all have up and downs in the season, but so far I think we are doing good,” senior varsity player Keenan McKenzie said. Even though the Blue Valley Boys Soccer team lost to Blue Valley West their first game,  they still have a few more games left in the season. The team continues practicing most days, except for game days. Practices are after school for two-three hours. “Depends on the practice. It is hard when we are doing conditioning, then other times we focus more on drills,” McKenzie. But that’s not all they do. For conditioning they do weights, sprints, long distance running and other exercises that work necessary muscles needed for the game. Other practices include mostly skill such as drills, shooting, agility and more. Almost all the guys on the team also play on more than one soccer team. They have their competitive team, school team, and they sometimes guest card in with other teams. ‘They say club soccer is different from school soccer, because club seems more competitive by how its organised and just overall how they do things’. The 90 minute game of soccer is the fifth most popular sport in america. These guys decided to join tiger soccer for another season. Lets go tigers!

varsity games played: 11 goals scored:12 penalty kick goals:7 penalty kick attempts: 8 shots:106 shots on goal: 62 game winning goals: 2 game winning assist:1 hat trick:1 corner kick:35 fouls:110 off sides:144 cautions:14 ejections:2 points:34 shooting percentage: 19

wins :5 looses:5 ties:1