BlueValley Overseas

ashlyn frickey

Superclubs National Team is a soccer team that travels overseas to play soccer. BV is the only Blue Valley school with players on this team. “A couple years ago me and my teammates raised enough money to travel overseas to England, Wales, and Ireland to play soccer,” freshman Logan Slead said. Every year Pat Ozburn, Superclubs owner, selects the places they travel. “Two years ago i just went to England(Manchester and London), this year i got to go to England and Ireland(Manchester and Dublin).” freshman Lindsay Barash said. Five players who play for Superclubs National Team attend BV. “You send your resume into Superclubs, Barash said, they look it over and choose a team for you then send a letter back if you make a team” Barash said. Barash says she became a much better player from this experience. “I learned how to adapt to new players quickly, i learned new skills from different players and from my coach, Heidi Mueller, new tactics for the game and i made a lot of new friends. They helped me improve my soccer skills so much by showing me there own ways and how they play the game,” Barash said. “If i got this experience to do it a third time, i would be so fortunate,” Barash said. “I would definitely recommend other people to go overseas to play soccer,” Slead said.