One team, one dream

BV Golf Team Shoots for State

Loren Reed, Staff Writer


infographic_reedFreshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior. Girls golf is coming to an end as varsity prepares for Regionals and State, and junior varsity says goodbye to another season. The Blue Valley girls golf team consists of 11 people, five of which are on JV.

Golf is a game of patience and etiquette. It takes hours of practice, and 100 percent effort. Freshman Ellen Nangia, newest to the game, started May of this year, when most of her teammates have been playing for years.

“I met Gracie Goheen, who is a senior this year, at the freshman orientation night and i just thought it was cool” Nangia said. “She said that i didn’t have to be experienced at all, and I thought that was pretty great.”

The majority of the golf team, especially junior Wynne Reddin and sophomore     Lauren Van Winkle said they are in it to have a good time. Van Winkle and Reddin agreed the fresh air out on the golf course is great. Van Winkle loves the outdoors and said that she loves being able to stop before she swings to take a deep breathe and take in the world around her.

“I just love the outdoors in general, so doing two things I love at once is fantastic,” VanWinkle said.

BV varsity golf has high expectations. Reddin said she is fighting for the last spot on varsity. The tournament scores from the Country Club of Topeka, and Wamego determine her chances for number six. “Golf is both a mental and physical game” senior Alexis Vance said. “The varsity girls aren’t skilled without patience; nor are they patient without strength.”

“Golf is a mentally tough game. It is a lot more individual and personalized than school. it’s all in your head, and you have a lot more control on every aspect of it, except for the condition of the course. You have a lot more control than you would in school.” Reddin said.

Head coach Andy Millikan and assistant coach Tanner Crow said they are working hard to help the team with their aspects of the team. They also are working on filling in the sixth spot.

“[The coaches] have past experience in, Millikan as far as PGA, and Crow made it to the collegiate level .”

Reddin went to Regionals freshman year, and hopes to do so again this year. The BV regional team sets the team for state, and state is Oct. 19 at the Country Club of Terradyne in Wichita. “The ball is on her green” Vance said. “It’s up to [Wynne] to seal the sixth spot.”

“Overall, golf is a game of patience and passion” Reddin concludes.