Blue Valley Cheerleading

Cheerleaders and coaches give us the inside scope on their trip in 2016 to cheer nationals.

Caitlin Hoy, Staff Writer

The Blue Valley High School Cheer squad is going for the first time to NCA National Cheer Competition in Dallas on January 22. It is the first National competition for any BV district cheer squad to attend.

“Im very excited to be apart of the first Blue Valley cheer team to go to Nationals to compete”, says freshmen cheerleader Bella Bade.

The cheerleaders are very excited to be the first cheerleading team in the BV District to go to a National competition. There are 41 girls and 1 boy on the squad with 5 coaches.

“I am super extremely excited about this year, they are a great bunch of kids, practice is super fun, they’re working really hard with having Hoy_infographicnationals being a motivation and it will be fun to see how well they do with it and where we can go with it”, said head cheer coach Michelle Wirt.

The NCA nationals is a huge deal for the BV cheer squad.

“It will be a fun adventure traveling on a bus with the team for 8 hours to Dallas”, says Bade.

The whole cheer team will be riding down on a bus for 8 hours to dallas Texas.

“Hopefully we will come home with a trophy to represent the cheerleading team here at BV”, says freshmen cheerleader Sophie Bell.

“It would be super great if we came home with a victory”, says Bade.

Hopefully the cheerleaders will come home with a win for BV.