Dedication and Determination

Hardwork Takes Cheerleader to the Top

Robin Antonic, Fall 2015 J1 Student

robinantonic fall 2015 j1 student Long practices, tough routines, and striving to be the best is what brought a cheerleader to the top.Varsity cheerleader, sophomore Lauren Anderson has had a long past of cheerleading and it has become a big part of her life. Anderson cheered on the freshman team in the 2014-15 school year, but with her hard work she landed a spot on the BV varsity cheer team, she said. The cheer team system changed in the spring of 2015 for the 2015-16 school year for tryouts. Sophomores are now able to make varsity. “There are more people trying out now,” Anderson said. “So they switch the teams from each grade level having a team, to freshman, JV and varsity.” The varsity cheer team has mostly juniors and seniors, with only two sophomores; Anderson said she pushes herself to be better. “You want to work harder and try harder because they [ upperclassmen cheerleaders}are older and more intimidating, so you want to do good.” Anderson said. “When i was with people my age, I just had fun.” The complex routines preformed by the cheer team are created by the senior captains, but the chants are a long lasting tradition at BV. “ The routines we preform are different for the events we cheer at”. Anderson said. Anderson cheers alongside other sophomore Peyton Anderson. Both said cheering on varsity with older cheerleaders requires a bit more seriousness and dedication. “I like cheering with Lauren because I am not the only sophomore,” Peyton said. The varsity cheer team cheers at most sporting events. “Friday night football games are my favorite,” Lauren said. “They are exciting and fun.” cheerleading feature story