Tigers Put Up An Unbeatable Fight

BV Varsity football steals the win against the BV West Jaguars


Senior Super Fans cheer during the football game against Blue Valley West. The Tigers defeated the Jaguars 49-7. “My favorite part of being a Super Fan is bringing stuff for the guys and getting to see them light up when we’re all up in the stands yelling as loud as we can,” senior Dominic Legato said. Photo by Meredith Halliburton.

Olivia Gurley, Photographer

Friday night, Sept. 9th, the Blue Valley tigers football team beat the BV West Jaguars 49-7. This brutal match was set up for the win by head coach Eric Driskell and the rest of the coaching staff at BV.

The team’s strong, solid defense stopped the Jaguars dead in their tracks, destroying their offense and only holding them to only one touchdown and the extra point.

This game was a great team effort with the offense and defense working cohesively, thriving off the loud, energetic atmosphere and the continuous chanting: “Go BV, go BV, go!”

This game would not have been very successful had the Tigers not been such a great team all together.  

The unstoppable offensive team by seniors Will Evans, Gus Gomez and Matthew Dercher made the game seem extremely easy while out-hustling the jaguars. They rushed the ball up and down the field scoring touchdown after touchdown and continuing to make the crowd roar.

The football team’s next game is this Friday, Sept. 16 at 7 p.m., hosted by BV against the BV North Mustangs — a BV district rivalry sure to impress.