Speaking the truth

Freshman cheerleaders talk about new year


This year, 13 girls made the freshman cheerleading team. They have experienced varsity football games, practices and fundraisers.

“So far my favorite thing about being a cheerleader is how the whole squad is so close and that we get to show school spirit,” freshman Shay Lawson said.  “I chose to do cheer to stay involved with the school and since cheerleading is something that I’ve done since I was really young, it’s just something that I’ve always wanted to do.”

There have been many new experiences here at Blue Valley, being a cheerleader, for example, the varsity football games.

“The varsity game was really overwhelming but also really exciting just seeing all the students screaming for the school,” Lawson said. “It was a really cool thing to experience.”

If you cheer for all four years, you will always cheer at the varsity games, so you will never be in the stands watching a varsity football game with your non-cheerleader friends.

“I’ll definitely miss it but it’s much more exciting to be in front of the crowd than to be in it,” Lawson said.

Cheerleading is supposed to cheer people up and make people happy but it can sometimes give off the wrong impression,” Lawson said.

“People stereotype cheerleaders,” freshman Keely Yang said. “Sometimes when I wear my uniform to school, people just consider me not even my name but just as a cheerleader so it’s definitely hard, but I think it’s worth it.”