Football in a Different Light

Fans describe game experience from bleachers

Blue Valley puts a large focus on football and the many traditions that go along with the game. Students and parents are a large part of the success of the team, but aren’t normally the people in the spotlight.

Sophomore Emily Hess said she enjoys being a part of the stands, and attempts to go to as many football games as possible.

football-infographic“I try to go to the away games if I can get a lot of my friends to go,” Hess said. “I prefer home games because there is always a bigger crowd and more people get into the cheers and are spirited.”

Many students view themes provided for each game, as another way to get everyone involved.

“I will try to participate in the themes this year. For the camo, I just wore a camo tank top,” Hess said.

Support from classmates is always important, but parents are other contributors to spirit. Parent Perry Sibenaller attends the game because he likes to keep up with high school football and enjoys the weather as an extra bonus.

“I enjoy high school football and getting out on nice fall evenings — it’s enjoyable,” said Perry Sibenaller.

Each aspect of the game is important, from cheerleaders on the sidelines to fans in the stand. Without fan support the expectations for this year would not be set so high.

“I would expect that [the football team] would probably have an undefeated season and hopefully make it to the State championship game,” Sibenaller said.