BVHS volleyball

How have the teams played so far?

Olivia Romisch, Fall 2016 J1 Student

At Blue Valley, volleyball is heating up. The five teams have all had games.  The teams include Freshman A, Freshman B, Sophomore, Junior Varsity and Varsity.

“ [Junior Varsity] is undefeated and Varsity is one and two,” freshman coach Peggy Rose said.

The sophomore team has played several games. Rose said they’ve done well so far.

“They’ve played some good competition,” Rose said. “They’re learning to work together.”

Freshman Maddie Rimmer said Freshmen B had a rough start but they’re working hard to fix their mistakes.

“I think that the B team, once they figure out what their roles are and become confident in their rotation and what they’re supposed to be doing, things are going to be a lot smoother and they’ll see a lot of success,” Rose said.

Rimmer said the season will be a challenge.

“The competition looks strong this year — it will be a tough year,” Rimmer said.

Freshmen A has played a couple schools. Rose said they’ve had some really good rallies.

“On the A team, they have a lot of physical talent,” Rose said. “They’re working to play with each other because they’ve never been on the same [team] together much.”

Rimmer said volleyball is a social yet competitive sport, but it’s a fun sport to play.

“The best part of volleyball is the when your team wins the point after a long volley,” Rimmer said.screen-shot-2016-09-22-at-2-10-22-pm