“New disc, who dis”

Senior boys create new athletic club

Caitlin Hoy, Staff Writer


The school year is a year for “newness.”

The front of our building got a face lift.

Our gym now has a brand new floor and has that “new car smell.”

Among these additions, Tiger Paws is perhaps the biggest change of the year. Blue Valley High School has decided to give every student an hour every day to get lunch and get involved in a club, or see a teacher if necessary — essentially giving students the opportunity to be treated like adults.

A group of boys took this opportunity to establish a fun way to get active during the school day. Seniors Ben Bass, Will Evans, Daniel Hegarty, Chance Holland, Dominic Legato, John Pikus, and Zach Willis founded this club with the intention of drawing different social groups together. “Joining this team promotes very intense team building,” Evans said. “It is a great opportunity to meet new people and play some frisbee.”

In order for the boys to make this an official school activity, they secured a faculty member to sign on as the sponsor.

Despite the fact sponsor Tierney Weed said she doesn’t know a whole lot about the sport, she is enthusiastic toward the idea of the new school activity and supports a group of students that took control of the idea.

The boys said they envision the game to be every Friday during Tiger Paws on the football field — students of any grade and gender are welcome to play.

“Guys and girls get to play,” Willis said. “It is going to be teams of four with at least one girl per team.”

In addition to getting to meet new people, Holland emphasizes its purpose as a good midday exercise break.

Pikus said ultimate frisbee means more than a social and physical outlet — the sport has become a loved hobby of his, and he encourages anyone interested to join.

“None of us have played before but we went out and fell in love with the game,” he said. “It’s a bond of ultimate frisbee that cannot be broken.”