Tiger Shutout

Blue Valley Tigers beat St. James Thunder in homecoming game


On Friday, September 30th Blue Valley High faced off against St. James Academy in the annual football homecoming game.

The most anticipated game brought hundreds of BV’s biggest fans to cheer them on. With the outstanding amount of school spirit and incredible offense and defense by the tigers, BV was able to shutout St. James with an ending score of 45-0. The tigers have been undefeated so far this season and weren’t going to let St. James take that title away from them. Seniors Matthew Dercher and Will Evans led BV to victory with their excellent offense.

While BV’s offense rewarded the team with touchdown after touchdown, its defense is what kept St. James from getting a hand on the ball.

Senior Zach Gill and Junior Owen Olson led BV’s defence with multiple tackles, sacks and recovered fumbles.

By half-time BV took the lead of 17-0 with a 1yd touchdown by Will Evans. That was just the beginning of their incredible win.  

Matthew Dercher brought home the win with a 2nd rushing touchdown. The crowd went wild with excitement and cheers.

BV was on their A game from beginning to end. It was an unforgettable game for the tigers and their fans who witnessed an unbelievable victory. It really was a great day to be a tiger.