Fighting for his Future

BV student takes on MMA, boxing


Anna Gyori, Staff Writer

There is one Blue Valley student you most definitely don’t want to mess with. His name is Will Becker, and he is a mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter and boxer.

Last year, it was Pacquiao vs. Mayweather. In a few years though, it just might be Becker’s name in the bright lights.

Most people would not guess, but Becker, who is a junior, has been in martial arts since before he even started school. Beginning with karate, he eventually made his way to MMA.

“I’ve been doing karate since I was 3, but for me, that wasn’t as competitive,” he said. “I wasn’t really finding a lot of good competition in karate. Then I found a couple MMA coaches and started doing that. I really enjoyed [MMA] a lot more than karate or other sports.”

Becker finds the direct nature of the sport especially appealing to him as an athlete. He adds that the aggressive energy of boxing and MMA is part of their immense and growing success.

“I like how it’s just you and your opponent in there and that’s it,” he said. “It’s becoming more popular because it’s the most pure version of combat and everyone loves combat, especially in America.”

Becker said he has taken complete advantage of his two martial arts coaches and his gym, Brass Boxing. Visiting almost every day, Becker has become one of the gym’s most frequent fighters. Although he cannot compete in a legal MMA fight until he turns 18, Becker said he has not let that stop him from competing altogether.

“I’ve done jiu jitsu competitions,” he said. “I’ve had two boxing matches. I’ll have one Thai fight, and then one more boxing fight before I go full MMA.”

Becker said he takes MMA and boxing seriously and even earns money from his coaching jobs. In the future, he said he hopes to go professional in either sport but is focusing his attentions primarily on boxing.

“I want to try MMA, but if I were to go pro in anything, it would be in boxing because it’s more financially secure. I want to try out for at least one of the Olympics in boxing. I want to do a professional boxing fight.”

Becker’s hopes to go professional are aided by his ever-growing love for both sports. He said the importance of boxing and MMA for him goes beyond just the thrill of the fight.

“I’ve been doing martial arts almost my entire life,” he said. “So, I really do love it. It means a lot to me.”