On the Sidelines

Students share favorite aspects of managing sports


Courtney Brown and Caitlin Hoy, Staff Writers

Blue Valley is known for its outstanding athletics and many State titles. Many students at BV don’t see what goes on behind the sports and the hard work of every person on the team all students see is the players taking on the court or field.

Last year, sophomore Molly Holmes managed baseball and said it took a lot of work.

“The freshman managers have to do most of the work,” Holmes said.“It involves filling up the water jugs and water bottles. We have to take all the stats during the games and do what the coaches want from us.”

Football manager senior Katie Miller agrees saying managing takes a lot each day.

“On weekdays we’re at practice from 3 to 6,” Miller said. “On fridays we were there from about 5 to 10.”

With the large time commitment managers also have to balance their school work.

One [challenging part] is I got pulled out of class a lot.” Holmes said. “It was hard keeping up with the classes I missed. It was also hard taking stats, it can be hard to keep up with the game.”

Despite the amount of time that goes into managing, they agree the job has its upsides.

Senior Darby Thompson manages for the boys basketball team and said he likes spending time with the players on the team.

“During the season they are really busy, so it’s nice to still be around them a lot,” Thompson said. “Since I didn’t make the team, this was my other option. I’m glad I chose to manage.”

Miller’s favorite part of managing is feeling a part of the team.

“Even though the managers are not actually playing the sport, they put as much effort into the sport as the players,” Miller said. “We feel the same satisfaction along with the rest of the team.”