Swinging into Spring

Senior Baseball players talk about upcoming season, underclassmen talents


Caitlin Hoy

Senior Nathan Huber (right) runs to third base, while senior Brett Ingram (left) attempts to get him out.

Caitlin Hoy, Staff Writer

The 2016 Blue Valley baseball team left quite a mark for the program leaving them as EKL champions, boasting the 2017 seniors to push for further accomplishments.

Senior Daniel Hegarty shares his thoughts about the incoming players and the 2017 season.

“The sophomores and freshmen, as what I can see this week of tryouts, is that they are a talented group of people,” Hegarty said. “I can see some of the sophomores coming and helping out the varsity guys, and the freshmen could be making there way onto JV or Varsity when they become sophomores, and that’s a very good look into the future of BV baseball.”

With the motivation of last years accomplishments and the dedication to football coach Eric Driskell, who recently passed, they are looking into the season as a unforgettable one.

“This year we got new hats for everyone with the inticals “ED” embroidered on them for coach Eric Driskell, and I really think it is going to motivate the team to play for him and just to have the thought he’s always watching us for every swing and every catch we make,” Senior Zach Gill said.

Just like every other sport at BV, each one is a family and works together as a whole. Being a senior, it is hard to know it’s your last season either playing at BV or for the rest of your life.

“I’m ready for one last ride with the boys,” Hegarty said.