March 2017 Tiger Turf

Meredith Halliburton
Competing in the freestyle stroke, sophomore Evelyn Hughes swims. She has competitively competed in swim for four years. “It’s fun to be a part of a high school team,” she said. “Meets are a lot of fun.”

Melanie White
Hitting warm-up shots, sophomore August Liberty competes in a tennis match. This is his first year on the BV tennis team. “[I joined] to be with friends and to learn how to play tennis.”
Courtney Carpenter
Preparing to hit the ball, senior Sam Anderson lines up his shot. BV’s golf team is preparing for the EKL tournament beginning
in March. “[Golf] is just a really fun game to play with my friends,” he said.

Isabelle Allen
Juggling the ball, sophomore Anna Todd practices her soccer skills. Todd said she comes from a family of soccer players. “I
was just around it so much I started playing,” she said.
Isabelle Allen
Sprinting down the track, junior Abby Quigley trains during practice. Quigley has been competing at the varsity level since her freshman year. “I am looking forward to all that we can accomplish this season,” she said.
Megan Hegarty
Preparing to pitch, junior Luke Bernard practices his throw. Bernard has played baseball for BV for 2 years. “I’m excited for our first home game on the home fields,“ he said.