Look Out Fantasy Football

Students participate in new Bachelor fantasy league


Allie Ament, Staff Writer

We all know someone who participates in fantasy football, but most people are not aware of a new fantasy league made for the reality TV show “The Bachelor.” This fantasy league was created for The Bachelor’s biggest fans who keep up with the weekly drama that airs every Monday at 7pm.

Many found out about the fantasy league through ABC who broadcasts the weekly special. Sophomore Avery Dunton got a team assembled after seeing the fantasy league introduced in a TV ad.

“After seeing a commercial for the fantasy league, I told all my friends to sign up and we made our own group, so we could all compete against each other” Dunton said.

Though the Bachelor fantasy league was based around the idea of fantasy football, it is nothing near what this fantasy league holds.

“The Bachelor fantasy league is basically a game that you participate in weekly before the show airs. Everyone is given the same 7-8 multiple choice questions about that week’s episode, then another one or two about who Nick Viall — the bachelor— will invite on a one-on-one date that week or who will get the group date rose” said Sophomore Kate Cunningham.

Cunningham participates in the game every week.

“My favorite part of participating in The Bachelor fantasy league is getting to predict what is going to happen on the show and then seeing if I was right when I watch it.”

Dunton enjoys the game for more competitive reasons.

“I like the game because it gets me more involved with the show and makes every episode way more exciting. Also, I like that I’m in first place. That’s probably my favorite part.”

Both Dunton and Cunningham have watched the show since sixth grade and never thought they’d still be hooked on the show, let alone playing in their own fantasy league.

Cunningham can’t wait to play every season of The Bachelor/Bachelorette.

“This was easily one of my favorite seasons yet. The Bachelor fantasy league is just going to just get bigger and bigger. Everyone will be playing it next season. My dad’s fantasy football team has got nothing on my bachelor fantasy league.”