Start the Stopwatch

BV’s track and field athletes celebrate after their first meet

The track and field season has officially started–the freshman team’s first meet was on March 23rd, and Varsity’s was the 24th.

Sophomore Anna Herrin, who runs for varsity, said she was proud of her accomplishments at her first meet.

“I competed in the 400 meter, and 4 by 400 relay,” Herrin said. “Overall, Blue Valley did really well, probably the best, because there were only three teams competing.”

Herrin said as well as enjoying the sport, she also appreciates the relationship she has made with the other athletes.

“[My teammates and I] are really close and supportive of each other, which helps us run well together,” Herrin said. “My favorite [event] is probably the [relay] because it’s a team event and the girls I run it with are amazing.”

Varsity did not disappoint at their first track and field meet, and neither did the freshman.

Freshmen Katie Boehringer said she is proud of the team sportsmanship that she witnessed at her first track meet on Thursday, March 23rd.

“All of [the freshmen] wrote inspirational quotes on each other’s arms to motivate one another and make us feel more like a team,” Boehringer said. “Also, whenever someone was stressed out about their race we would encourage them so they could feel better.”

Boehringer competed in the 800 meter and 1600 meter events.

“My favorite part about competing was having people cheer me on,” she said. “It’s a feeling I cannot wait to experience again at our next meet.”