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Sophomore plays 2 varsity sports during same season

Every student athlete knows juggling the time commitments of schoolwork and sports can be difficult, but sophomore Anna Herrin has double the workload of the average athlete.

Herrin plays both varsity soccer and varsity track and practices for both every day after school.

“Track practice starts at 3:15, and that usually goes until about 5,” Herrin said. “Then I go straight to soccer after that, which usually ends at 6:30.”

Herrin said she was trying to decide which one she wanted to pursue in high school but could not choose because she had an her equal passion for both.

“I did both of them in the past in middle school and for club soccer,” Herrin said. “I just really liked them and I couldn’t choose which one I would rather do so I just did both — and I am really glad I did.”

While playing two sports she excels at is fun, Herrin said there are some downsides.

“I am literally sore all the time,” Herrin said. “I don’t have a lot of free time to hang out with friends — the only time I have to do that is on the weekends, and I work so even then I don’t have enough time.”

Herrin’s coach, Manal Siam, said the coaches try to be as accommodating as possible for the athletes who play two sports.

“We look at the athlete’s schedule,” Siam said. “From there we try to match up what she can attend for track meets. If she has a really important soccer game but not a huge track meet, she’ll go play soccer, and vise versa.”

Despite the lack of free time, Herrin said playing two sports provides many positives, too.

“I’m in really good shape I guess,” Herrin said. “It’s super fun because you just get to meet a whole bunch of people, and you’re really good friends with a lot of people from a lot of different grades. I think that’s a really good part about it.”

Herrin said playing sports during the same season has shaped her to be more organized and eager to get things done faster.

“Playing two sports has helped me be a better student because I’ve focused a lot more because I know I won’t have enough time,” Herrin said. “So when I do get home I have to eat, do homework, study for any tests I have and try to get to bed at a decent time. It can be really hard to balance.”

Siam said she is proud of the athletes like Herrin who play two sports simultaneously.

“I think when a student athlete has the ability to play both sports they love and excel at, they have such a fun experience because that’s their passion,” Siam said. “It’s very rewarding to see as a coach.”

Herrin said she loves where she’s at right now with these sports and hopes both seasons will be great.

“Track and soccer have both just been so fun so far, and making such close relationships with all these girls and guys is awesome,” Herrin said. “It’s honestly my favorite time of the year, so hopefully I can get out there and win some titles.”