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Freshman shares experience over joining BV girl's golf

Claire Powell, Staff Writer

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Freshman year is the year finding what clubs or sports to be interested in. Freshman Lea Shamblin joined BV’s girl’s golf this year. Shamblin said she had played golf in the past.

“My dad mainly [got me interested in golf]” Shamblin said.

In order for Shamblin to try out for golf, she went the first practice.

“I had a good drive the first hole,” Shamblin said. “After that practice, I was on varsity”

Shamblin said she really enjoyed playing golf and had a lot of new experiences. This year, Shamblin was able to go to state.

“[Going to state} was a lot of fun,” Shamblin said. “It sounds cliche, but it was nice bonding with the team.”

Overall, girls golf did well, earning fifth at state.

“I was proud of the results,” Shamblin said. “The girls did really well and there was a lot of competition.”

Shamblin said she wants others who are thinking about trying out for girls golf next to know that it is a cool and unique experience

“[Golf] is a lot different from other sports,” Shamblin said. “It’s great meeting other girls, especially from different schools.”

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