Unified Sports

BV participates in united athletics program


Molly Holmes, Staff Writer

Athletics have always been a prominent part of the Blue Valley culture. But even with thirteen different sports for students to get involved in, something was missing from the BV athletic scene. This year, the BV special education department began participation in the unified sports program.The program is designed to unify students with special needs with their peers by playing together on a sports team.

Senior Jeffrey Greenfield serves as a peer mentor in the Connections class as well as the team’s coach.

“They asked everyone” senior Jeffrey Greenfield said, “but being someone that plays basketball, I thought it would be a good time”.

The unified sports program participates in three different sports: basketball, bocce ball and soccer. So far BV has only participated in basketball.

“We have two new special education teachers from Blue Valley North,” Greenfield said. “They did it over there so they brought it here”.

The team played four games in total, two of which being part of the end of season tournament.

“We played our first two games and won pretty handedly,” Greenfield said. “We got moved up to a higher division for the tournament and won both the semifinal and championship game.”

All the players and Greenfield were proud of their accomplishments, especially being the first year of the team’s conception.

“It felt amazing to win,” Greenfield said. “Everyone was so happy.”