Chiefs Lose Against the Chargers


Photo taken from Kansas City Chiefs Twitter

Claire Powell, Editor-in-Chief

Thursday, Dec. 13, the Kansas City Chiefs lost to the Los Angeles Chargers 28-29.

It wasn’t until the fourth quarter when the eventually became out of the lead; they scored two touchdowns in the first quarter and another in the third. Chargers kept close by, leaving the gap by only one touchdown.

By the fourth quarter, Chargers scored 15 points while Chiefs only scored seven.

Many Chiefs fans have complained about the game. Not just because of the end result, but on how the Chargers were able to win at the last minute; they believed the refs made bad calls against the Kansas City defense.

Though this was a major upset for Kansas City, they are still on top for the AFC West Conference, but other teams, like the New England Patriots, could benefit from this lost, according to The Kansas City Star. Both teams are attempting to get a first-round bye during the playoffs for the AFC and because of the Chiefs stumble at home, it may go to the Patriots.

The Kansas City Chiefs have only two games left in their season. On Dec. 23 against the Seattle Seahawks and Dec. 30 against the Oakland Raiders. After that, it’s the playoffs.