A new season

Boys volleyball club begins at BV


Cassidy Carpenter, Staff Writer

As the last quarter of school began, the boy’s volleyball team made their debut. Senior Hank Sherman said that the team brings a fun twist to the average club here at BV.

“Playing volleyball has been a great experience so far,” Sherman said,” I get to play with some of my close friends and we seem to have fun every time we get out there.”

The team practices once a week to improve their skills and to gain confidence in each other’s abilities. Sherman said that practice has been paying off.

“Our first match of the year was against Rockhurst and it was a tough loss, but bounced back with a win over Ray Peck [High School],” Sherman said.

The senior said that both the teams have been super supportive.

“We have a varsity and a JV team, but we’ve all gotten to know each other so that’s been one of the best parts,” Sherman said.

He said that coming into the season, most of the boys were unsure what to expect since most of them had never played before.

“The team is made up of mostly seniors but it will be cool for the underclassmen to get better over the next few years,” Sherman said.

Sherman said before he joined, he wasn’t expecting to enjoy the sport as much as he does.

“I’ll be heading to the University of Arizona next year and all of the graduating seniors heading to U of A plan on creating a super club team when we get there,” Sherman said. ”It’s gonna be super fun.”