Just Keep Swimming

girls swim and dive took on state


Olivia Sherlock, Story Editor

This past weekend was Girls Swim and Dive Kansas State meet, hosted at Topeka’s Capitol Federal Natatorium. The girls finished 11th overall this year.

The team consisted of seniors Ashley Clark, Evelyn Hughes, Salim Klinge and Bailey Sibenaller; juniors Grace Andersen, Lucy Behm, Macey Lewin, Jill Long, Eliza Shultz, Alexa Turpen and Sydney Wallick; sophomores Maddy Bridges, Alaina Scotten and Olivia Sherlock; and freshman Emma Schmidt.

Turpen has been with the team for three years on varsity; she has both swam at State and gone to cheer on her teammates throughout the years.

“I feel like our team is all about getting behind others no matter what,” Turpen said. “There really isn’t much of a change between the two. You’re doing what’s best for the team’s success either way.”

The team, compared to others, is quite small. 

“I don’t think the size of our team affects our results much at all — we’ve very much so been about quality over quantity,” Turpen said. “We definitely prove that in competition.”

Last year, Shultz, Long, junior Maire Shmurak and alumna Grace Euler broke the 200-meter medley relay record at State.  This year, Wallick broke the 50 freestyle record at EKL. 

“State pushes me to succeed because it is such a huge event that we’ve been training for all season,” Wallick said. “That is what motivates me to want to do well.”

Everything these girls work for leads up to State, but State hasn’t necessarily been the motivating factor to come back and swim for these girls.

“Swim is unforgettable in every way possible— there is no sport like it,” Long said. “The best part about it is the family you develop because you are around these amazing people 24/7.”

In the end, winning state or not the friendships made are the real trophies worth roaring for.

“It’s super fun and we all get super close,” Turpen said. “I’ve made most of my closest friends on the swim team.”