The Blue Volleyball team competes Friday and Saturday for state title


Shay Lawson, Co-Editor-in-Chief

This season the Blue Valley volleyball team has been stellar. The squad has an impressive record of 28-8. 

The girls will be competing in the state competition in Selina this Friday and Saturday. 

Senior Lindsay Lahr plays middle and explains why this year’s lineup of team members is different than before.

“This year we have a large class of freshmen on varsity and they have done a great job,” Lahr said. 

Lahr said that team chemistry is a big deal when it comes to playing volleyball.

“You can’t win with just one good player, it has to be everyone,” Lahr said. “Having a close bond with every girl on the team makes you want to work harder for them.” 

Lahr loves to lift the team’s spirits before each game.

“I have a giant speaker with a disco ball on top so we always make time for a locker room party before games,” Lahr said. 

She said that state holds more stress because of the drive to be perfect- especially for her class.

“For the seniors, it’s the last time we will ever wear the jerseys,” Lahr said. “We want to leave the best mark on the program that we can.” 

Lahr said that student support assist the overall spirit on game day.

“It is amazing having a student section there because we feed off of their energy as much as they do ours,” Lahr said. “It creates an awesome environment and helps a lot knowing we have our friends there to support us.” 

The volleyball team has already accomplished one of their goals this season and hope to achieve another. 

“Winning substate was one of the goals that we accomplished,” Lahr said. “Our other big goal is to bring home a state championship.”