A Timeless Tradition

Math teacher remarks on his vibrant choice of shirt for picture days

Carrying on traditions is a common practice that can be used to connect family members and friends, and can also be used to continue legacies. For math teacher Tyler Randall, wearing a vibrant orange shirt for every picture day he has had as an educator is his way of carrying on a familial tradition.

“I’m a fifth generation teacher in my family,  and my grandpa, who was a teacher, had a friend that wore the same shirt for 20 years straight. [My grandpa] kept all of his [friend’s] [yearbook] photos and I thought that was just the coolest thing growing up.” Randall said.

The practice of sporting the same shirt became iconic to Randall, who was then inspired to carry on the style. 

“The first day of my first year [teaching], I just so happened to be wearing my Baker [University] orange shirt, and it was photo day. Then it just stuck and now I have to wear the same shirt every day if I’m going to continue the trend.”

Randall believes that this tradition is fun and lighthearted, however silly it may look. He also has every intention of keeping the Baker Orange in play for many years to come.

“I wear that shirt for picture day [and] that’s the only time of the year.” Randall said. “It stays safe and pristine, so it’s not gonna get destroyed over the years.”

As for the feedback his students give him on the photo collage of his yearbook pictures displaying the bright orange shirt, Randall says that “some people don’t necessarily love the fact it’s my Baker shirt, but you’ve got to rep your alma mater.”