This is No Dad Joke

BV fathers form new Dad’s Club, intentionally supporting school community

Maddy Kang and Shay Lawson

There are multiple clubs at BV, but there is only one whose members are typically over the age of 35 and have already started balding — and that is Father’s Club.

A co-founder of the club, Brad Holdhusen was given the idea by Vince Stephens.

“[Vince] wanted to talk to me about something he thought I’d be excited about and have a passion for,” Holdhusen said. “It was the idea of doing what we started and we have a lot more things planned.”

Stephens and Holdhusen later met with principal Scott Bacon to discuss the inspiration and importance behind the club.

“With everything going on — and it was the same when I was in high school — with kids and pressures and of course the sad things and the teenage suicides, anxiety and stress — a lot of that tied to things that we, as parents are scratching our heads and asking, ‘How can we do better?’ and ‘How can we get involved?’” Holdhusen said. “So often, the wonderful mothers are so involved and us dads kind of go to work, pay bills and do our thing. We thought it would be a really good opportunity at a time like this to

kind of push as a group of dads.”

Holdhusen said the Father’s Club still has several tasks to implement into school.

“We are going to do more of those Chic-Fil-A biscuit giveaways and greet kids at school,” Holdhusen said. “For the first couple months of this school year we are going to try and fill up the Father’s Club on Fridays during Tiger Paws — all or most of the volunteers will be dads. During Tiger Paws, you will see dads walking around just like you see teachers. Then every once in awhile, we will have speakers, just like the technology talks and drug and alcohol lectures through the district.”

The Father’s Club has had meetings with numerous BV staff and administration including Bacon, athletic director Matt Ortman and football coach Allen Terrell to integrate their purpose into BV’s culture and community.

Holdhusen is eager for fresh ideas from his Steering Committee so the dads can begin their positive influence at the school.

“There is this neat excitement that has started to percolate amongst dads about this because everyone wants to get involved,” Holdhusen said. “I mean, who doesn’t want to love on the kids and the community? It is a neat way for us all to come together.”