Traveling Teachers

World language teachers discuss what it is like to teach at two different blue valley schools

Amy Collins and Rhylan Stern

Photo courtesy of Carol Bar

Carol Bar is a French teacher here at Blue Valley High. This year brought on new challenges and excitements for her, as this year she started working at a second Blue Valley school — BV Northwest.

“I was a little concerned in the beginning with regard to the logistics of being a traveling teacher. I’d never done that before,” she said. “I was worried — will I get there on time without having to rush? What happens when the weather gets bad? Will I find a parking space? What’s it going to be like sharing a classroom and having two different principals and school cultures?”

So far she has enjoyed the change. Bar is at BV in the morning for first through fourth hour and at Northwest for seventh hour.

At BV she teaches French 1, French 3, French 4 and AP French. At Northwest she teaches an additional French 4 class.

In between teaching at BV and Northwest, she has a break where she is able to go outside, eat her lunch and plan lessons.

Bar said the students and staff have been very welcoming, which has made her transition easier.

“My students in both buildings have been extremely respectful and wonderful,” she said. “I really feel like I have two homes now.”

Bar is grateful for the opportunity to teach at two schools.

“I’ll be a Tiger till I die — that’s just who I am and [I] love being a Tiger,” she said.  “I’m [also] very happy to be a part of the Husky family this year.”


Photo by Charlie Trent

Spanish teacher Kylie Thompson made the transition from teaching elementary school to teaching high school. Thompson is a traveling teacher here in the Blue Valley district. She teaches Spanish at BV High and BV North.

“I wanted to see what high school was all about,” she said.  “So far, I’ve loved being a teacher at Blue Valley. All the kids are really awesome. The school culture here is really cool.”

Thompson teaches three classes of Spanish 2 at BV and two hours of Spanish 1 at North. Being at two schools definitely comes with its challenges.

“Keeping up with the different cultures at each school and what one school expects versus what another school expects has been a little bit challenging,” Thompson said. “Honestly, there are so many emails that come in from both sets of schools. Keeping track of who teaches where, and what schedule is going on at each school is a little bit challenging.”

She also pointed out the many positives about working at two schools.

“It’s fun to work at two schools,” Thompson said. “I get two sets of co-workers and two sets of students. I get to see different sides of everything, so it’s fun.”

Thompson feels proud to be able to call two BV schools home and to be both a Tiger and a Mustang.

“I feel really lucky,” Thompson said. “Blue Valley is such a great district, and Blue Valley High and Blue Valley North are both really highly renowned schools. There’s a lot of really good things happening in both, so I feel lucky that I get to be a part of both of them and see what it is all about.”