Cheating their way through

Maegan Kabel, Photo Editor

AP classes are designed to be challenging.

Some people take them to be challenged because regular classes are too easy.

Others take them to try something a little more difficult than the average course.

Still, others go for the college credit.
But why are there people who just cheat their way through the year?
I’ve taken all AP and honors classes throughout my high school career.
I enjoy the challenge and I enjoy being in classes with people who also are there to learn.
What I don’t understand is why people want to take these courses if all they’ll do is use phones on tests, Sparknotes instead of books and listen to music during lectures.
Hey, that A you got on your test?
I bet I could have done that well on my test too if I’d laid my vocabulary list on the floor in Spanish so I had the answers.
My raw AP Biology scores wouldn’t be Ds if I could have my iPod out, looking answers up on Google.
Man, why hadn’t I caught onto this earlier?
It makes me furious.
If you didn’t study, then at least have the guts to take the test and get the grade you deserved. I’ve failed quizzes because I had too much to do the night before and I couldn’t squeeze in those last few chapters of Huck Finn.
But that doesn’t mean I hold my sweatshirt in my lap and text my friend for the answers.
Cheating alone is allowing people to slide by without being held accountable for their actions.
But cheating in AP classes?
Why not just transfer down to a regular class that has less work?
People who are cheating in those AP classes can skew curves, affecting other students’ grades who actually try on their assignments.
Bottom line. You have three options:
1) Start showing some respect for the teacher, the class and yourself. Start working on the material and actually work for that test grade.
2) Continue not preparing, but at least have the decency to get the grade you deserve.
3) Switch down to a class where you can do the work load expected of you. Then you don’t have to cheat and you don’t have to worry about your grade.