Photo Gallery: Work on new mural continues


Colin Gregory, Staff Writer

It’s a race against time, but, for senior Becky Winegarner, it’s an enjoyable one.
Winegarner is currently painting a mural that details the history of art. The mural is in the art hallway, and Winegarner says she has until the end of the year to finish it.
“The mural encompasses the oldest known art, all the way to around 1907,” Winegarner said. “I’m cutting it off there partly because I don’t like modern art, and I have limited time.”
She said that this is something that she’s wanted to do since freshman year.
“[Art teachers Mark] Mosier and [Michael] Johnston gave me free reign on the project, after four years of trying to get this done,” she said. “Now I’m just working on the mural every day.”
According to Winegarner, she enjoys painting the mural, and it also enhances her proficiency as an artist.
“I like painting in general, though I prefer sculpture,” she said. “Most people learn art by repeating other people who are good at it. Since I’m copying the best, it should help me grow as a painter.”
Winegarner acknowledged that she is on a schedule, though she said there is no timetable for the project to be finished. “The hallway is 157 feet long, by 8 feet tall,” she said. “I get until graduation to work on it, and I honestly have no idea if it’ll be done by then. It’ll be a challenge, but a manageable one.”

About the photo gallery: Senior Becky Winegarner has been creating an Art History mural in the 500 hall since the beginning of second semester. Winegarner is recreating famous masterpieces during her independent study hours with the help of a few other students. Click on photo thumbnails to view the pictures. Photos by Megan Ball.