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Speakers give unconventional, successful drug presentation to BV students

Lauren Huck and Molly Holmes

On Thursday, Jan. 12, Blue Valley High School had the pleasure of having speakers Bob Stutman and Judge Jodi Debbrecht Switalski visit.

The pair gave an informative presentation about the use of drugs — specifically, emphasizing the lack of knowledge teenagers have about what chemicals they are truly putting in their bodies.

Photo by Meredith Halliburton.

Recently, the school was alerted that drugs are a rising issue among the study body, so having well-respected speakers discuss the controversial topic of drugs was necessary for the current and future BV students.

Along with the entire BV student body, the eighth grade classes from Prairie Star Middle School and Blue Valley Middle School were invited to listen to the presentation as well, in an attempt to educate them before they walk into high school themselves.

Students at BV were informed of what exactly drugs are capable of doing, highlighting how drug users can never be completely sure of what they are injecting in their bodies.

Sophomore Emily Heidemann said she mostly benefitted from this assembly, because the presenters main purpose was to inform everyone equall
y, instead of preaching at the student body not to do drugs.

“One of the most important things I took away from [the assembly] was the story about the little boy who died from a drug overdose, and was only 18 months old,” Heidemann said. “It had a long lasting effect for the parents for for their son since they were all charged, and were also suffering emotionally with their loss.”

Both Stutman and Switalski approached the topic of drugs in a different way, which sent a new message to the students, sophomore Carly Vandervoort said.

“Usually, teachers or other people only say that drugs are bad,” Vandervoort said. [Stutman and Switalski] definitely didn’t say that or anything near that when they were presenting.”